Authors Guidelines

GSC Online Press serves as an ideal platform for both the established as well as building authors for getting their books published in all areas of the Science, Technology, Medicine, Social science and Humanities. Our scholarly publications are globally disseminated and published rapidly online to make new knowledge available as soon as possible. We strongly believe in being in close contact with all our authors on the production, promotion and online distribution of their books. Maintaining high academic and production standards is our priority. Manuscripts received would be thoroughly assessed for their viability across the globe. We intend to inform the authors as soon as possible on the acceptance of their works. Moreover, ISBN is allotted to all our publications. Our books are at the forefront of knowledge and often break new ground in research. As an independent publisher, we are more willing to take risks by publishing in emerging disciplines. We accept submissions in English language only, As well as accept in all the Subjects.

1. Format & Style

All Book/Monograph must be typed in A4 size (font size 12) in 1.5 space in double/single column with at least one inch margin on all sides. Authors should submit single word file that contains the following the entire book with cover page, references, annexure etc.
Cover Page:
Book/Monograph should have a cover page providing the
1. Title of the Book
2. Author name(s) & Designation(s)
4. Phone number(s)
5. E-mail address(es).
Brief Profile of the Author(s):
Please provide profile of the author(s) in a separate word file of around 10 to 15 lines along with recent passport size photograph(s)
References should be cited in the style prescribed in the publication manual of the American Psychological Association (APA Guidelines).
Figures & Tables:
Tables and figures should be embedded in the text wherever they are expected to be in the final version of book. Each figure/table should be numbered, titled and cited consecutively in the text. Tables should be created with a word processor. To ensure the highest print quality, figures submitted must be with minimum 300 dpi or higher resolutions. Captions/legends will be placed below figures and adjusted to 10 font size. Being online publication we do not charge for color figure reproduction, rather we promote authors to submit color figures.
We publish books in English language only.